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heey heyy hey want to kill a baby??

Hell0, I'm starving. . . not hungry, but deprived of musical interaction. I need to collaborate with people or I go crazy. . . I'm into punk, surf, jazz, metal, basically. . if oyu can play a chord or strike a beat i can play to it. If anyone is interested in playing, I work most nights but i'm free during the days in the afternoons. I have my own equipment and I know how to use it. I've been playing for seven years and I can keep up with most anything, although, I do think I should be a considerably better musician after seven years but sometimes I get distracted. I'm 20 yrs old and I am crazier than a lightbulb in a glass of water. hit me up if you want to jam.

I play throuhg a 66' model Kustom charger, which I believe was a bass amp originally, but I play guitar through it anyway. I play a danelectro baritone, which serves my purpose whilst my regular guitar is being worked on.
vox wah
dod stereo phaser
boss distortion
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