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Support the Knox music scene!

The Post-modern tourists will be rockin the barroom at Goodfellas Bar, that's at 2234 Keith Ave in Knoxville, this saturday (nov 5th)! Show starts at 9pm,and I don't think there's a cover charge. Come early and have a beer with the band!

For those unfamiliar/uninitiated, the PMT combines numerous styles and instruments to form an "extracurricular utopian rock experience with a twist of lime juice". What does that mean? Who knows these days, but hey, we've got an electric banjo, and bass master Jesse brings the funk, so that's gotta be worth something, yeah?

For our local 'tourists: we will be trying out a few new originals for the first time on Saturday. Be there to hear them first!

See you there!
PMT James

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